Tuesday 12 February 2013

Where's the Love? Week: TV Couples I Ship the Hardest

When I starting planning Where’s the Love? Week I released that many of my favourite love stories and couples are in TV shows. There are so many programs that I squeal over tiny moments between my ships and then if they get together, well, serious happiness. Some of these couples are canon, some aren’t; some are still together, some never were; some are end game and some we just don’t know about yet...

Damon and Elena (The Vampire Diaries)

This show is my current obsession. I loved it when it first came out and watched it religiously until I got to university and lost track of it and then a couple of months ago I caught up and became utterly infatuated with the idea of Damon and Elena.

They bring out the best in each other: Elena’s fierceness and Damon’s humanity and they’re honest with each other. They are both better when they are together and I just think that Elena is a bit blah when she’s with Stefan. She also always gets herself in to deadly situations and waits for the boys to save her, she saves herself now.

I almost lose it when Damon looks at Elena in a particular way and every time something nearly went their way and was thwarted I screamed internally. These two are currently my biggest ship and if you don’t know why, go watch The Vampire Diaries right now!

Chuck and Blair (Gossip Girl)

I devoured the first two seasons of Gossip Girl like my lip depended on it, but I got the point where Chuck and Blair were together and that was enough for me. I stopped watching it. I realise that probably seems crazy to some of you, but I know how evil the writers of this show are I didn’t want them blowing holes in my ship!

Now this awesome series has finished and my Tumblr dashboard and Twitter feed exploded with the season finale I had a resurge of love for this show and now I’m going to see it through the end. Even though that means I have six seasons to catch up on (what a travesty!) and the identity of Gossip Girl was spoiled for me, I want to see Blair and Chuck grow up and see if they end up together.

Like Damon and Elena, Chuck and Blair bring out the nest in each other. They can be devious, manipulative and completely evil and still love and respect each other for it. That makes the sweet and romantic moments between them all the more important.

Kurt and Blaine (Glee)

I love Glee, I really do, but until Kurt and Blaine there wasn’t really a couple that I cared about enough to want them to be together. That may be because they switch all of the time though...

Kurt is by far my favourite character and I love seeing him so happy. After all of the hell he went through after he came out, he deserves to have someone like Blaine you appreciates him for the awesome person that he is.

I’ve heard rumours that there have been some dodgy moments in their relationship in season four, not that I’d know because apparently we have to wait forever for it, but I have faith in them. And if they’re not endgame then I’m going to have hissy fit.

Before I go deep in to the dark and troubled world of Tumblr shipping I’m going to move on to my biggest childhood ships, before I even knew what shipping was.

TJ and Spinelli (Recess)

This was the very first couple that I ever championed. I distinctly remember the episode where they find out that one of the gang’s older sister kissed a boy and they can’t imagine how that could possibly be pleasant. TJ and Spinelli pull the short straw and have to test it out, only to find they like it and have to tell the others that it was gross!

I love it – it was probably only a few years after I started to get interested in boys myself so it made me feel incredibly worldly and grown-up!

Lizzie and Gordo (Lizzie McGuire)

Oh, Gordo. Sweet, dorky, loyal and brilliantly clever Gordo. This was my first experience of the trope of falling for your best friend and the horrendous pain of them not having the faintest idea.

Every look he gives her, every sweet comment and the multiple times he goes out of his way to make it easier for her or to get her out of trouble, my heart breaks for him. I know exactly how it feels. But more on the later in the week. It’s not until the last ever episodes of the show that Lizzie finally starts to realise how Gordo feels and not until the movie (which I totally have on DVD, by the way. Don’t judge me) that they finally, finally kiss.

Zack and Kelly (Saved by the Bell)

Utter perfection, that’s what these two are. Zack was one of my first fictional crushes and I have to admit, he’s still high up on my list. He’s arrogant, lazy, smooth as anything, blonde and absolutely gorgeous. What’s not to love? Then you have Kelly: funny, beautiful, sports star and most popular girl in school. They were made for each other.

They weren’t together solidly through the series. They were other partners for both Zack and Kelly, heartbreak and drama but once Saved by the Bell: The College Years arrived, it was fate. Zack was finally ready to settle down with Kelly and the gang went to Vegas to get married.

Now this show actually finished before I was born but I was obsessed with it during secondary school and I've seen each episode countless time. It’s funny, sometimes ridiculous and completely 80s – I love it.

Who was your first ship? Do you have a couple you’re obsessed with at the moment? Do you strongly disagree with any of my choices?



  1. Oh my God, Recess? Loved that! And I totally shipped Lizzie and Gordo <3 *gasp* You forgot Castle and Beckett! And I would also add Booth and Brennan from Bones :)

  2. OHMYGOD Kurt and Blaine :O <3 I love them :') I also love Sheldon and Amy from Big Bang Theory, and Robyn and Barney from How I Met Your Mother :)

  3. Oh my gosh, this post has made me think back to the days where I would come home to school to catch a re-run of Saved by The Bell and Recess. I never got tired of watching those two shows! I loved Zack and Kelly. <3 Did you know he is currently starring in a show called Franklin and Bash? Years on and he's still as handsome as ever. ;)

    Great post!

    1. Yeah, I have heard of Franklin and Bash. My sister keeps nagging me to watch it! I'll have to give it a go :)

  4. Zack and Kelly! There's a blast from the past. I think my favourite will always be Angela and Jordan from My So-Called Life but I also really, really loved how much Sun and Jin's relationship changed over the many seasons of Lost.


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