Friday 1 February 2013

Me, Suzy P. - Karen Saunders

Pages: 342
Publisher: Templar
Release Date: 1st January 2013
Edition: UK paperback, signed, purchased copy

I’m Suzy Puttock (yes, Puttock with a p), fourteen years old and a total disaster magnet.

My life’s full of ups and downs. My loved-up big sister Amber’s getting married and wants lime green bridesmaid dresses. I’m not happy about that.

But there’s this hot new guy, Zach, just started at my school. I am happy about that. Only... I’ve had a boyfriend since forever, Danny.

So now I’m all kinds of confused!

Karen Saunders’ debut is a funny and heart-warming novel that will really hit the spot for fans of Sue Limb and Louise Rennison.

Me, Suzy P. has such a vivid cast of characters that are impossible not to become involved with. Now, Suzy is definitely my kind of girl: a rigid dress code of jeans, superhero t-shirts and Converse, so clumsy it’s dangerous and a deep love of hot chocolate with whipped cream and marshmallows. She’s brilliant. Suzy’s best friend Millie is the spit of my best friend, Sara. They both have coloured streaks in their hair, are absolutely tiny, have endless bouncy energy and sometimes get a little too involved with other peoples situations. Jade, however, is a psychotic and horrible girl. She’s the kind of girl who made my life hell when I was in secondary school and every time I read about one of them they make me so, so angry.

Then there are the boys: Danny and Zach. I have to admit that I didn’t really get attached to either of them. Maybe they were just too young for me but Danny’s apathy towards Suzy in the romantic stakes irritated me – she deserves to be treated like a princess! And Zach was a bit of a jerk really and other than being nice to look at, there wasn’t very much there. I have to admit that I did warm up to Danny by the end; what a sweetie!

I think that Karen Saunders broached the subject of love and relationships sensitively and realistically. I loved that there was so much focus on who the person is over how pretty they are as well as the importance of being friends with the person you’re in a relationship. It’s such an important thing to know and I’m glad it was portrayed in the way it was.

Me, Suzy P. was a brilliantly fun debut and I’m looking forward to reading more from Karen Saunders.



  1. I know you loved this, you keep pointing it out to me! Great review :)

  2. I've been reading such good reviews of this one that I feel like I should definitely read it!


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