Sunday 10 February 2013

Welcome to Where's the Love? Week

I would like to welcome you to Where’s the Love? week at So Many  Books, So Little Time. For the next six days I will be posting about all things to do with love and romance in fiction. Obviously, I’m mostly going to be featuring YA, but there are also a few mentions of adult novels and TV shows.

There will be posts about my favourite quotes on love, my favourite kisses from YA, my favourite classic love stories, the TV couples I ship the hardest and how YA gives me incredibly high expectations of love. I hope you’ll stop by, have a read and throw in an opinion or two of your own.

In the interests of blogger politics I’d like to say that I know some of you will probably be thinking, ‘Wait, didn’t Clover of Fluttering Butterflies do a Love Month? You’re stealing her idea!’. Before I get attacked for it, I want you all to know that I emailed Clover and checked with her first. She gave me her blessing and holds no ownership over the idea, especially as she’s not holding it this year. So put down your pitchforks and enjoy the posts with a clear conscience!

I’d love for this week to be a shared experience (wow, that sounds cheesy, and a little wrong) so comment, tweet, email, everything! I want to know what you guys think and a discussion to start. So please, enjoy Where’s the Love? week.



  1. I think I already know some of the couples you ship, but should be interesting! <3

  2. Yay, I can't wait for all the posts this week :D

  3. Yay! I'm very glad that you did this theme week :) All your posts look fab!


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