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Fortune - Megan Cole

Fortune - Megan Cole

Pages: 432 (ARC)
Publisher: Harper Collins
Release Date: 8th July 2010

From Goodreads: HarperCollins is ready to set the publishing world alight with the acquisition of the world's first 'snogbuster', a new teen genre that is set to grace poolside’s everywhere this summer. Written by hot new talent Megan Cole – the pseudonym of a journalist and writer steeped in celebrity culture – FORTUNE combines the allure of the super-rich with the thrill of first romance, all in a glossy, blockbusting format.

Fortune tells the story of three very different girls – Madison from New York, Simonetta from Rome and Sapphire from London – who all receive mysterious invitations to the 50th birthday of Brad Masters, billionaire record executive. But what could the girls possibly have in common? The truth shocks them all, and turns three strangers into something much closer and more dangerous – after all, family make for the deadliest enemies...

Most of all, though, Fortune is something totally new in the booming teen romance market. So it's time to wet our lips and unashamedly embrace the glitz and glamour of the snogbuster.

Fortune is a sparkly debut full of glitz, glamour and bitchiness.

This novel is written in a very odd narrative. When I first started it, I thought that it would be a straightforward 3rd person perspectives alternating between Madison, Sapphire and Simonetta. But it shifted strangely, reaching into the viewpoint of other characters such as Brad, turning it into a kind of omniscient narration. Though saying that, the majority of the novel was still focused on Sapphire.

I was rather glad about that because she is the only one of the three girls that I actually liked. She’s sweet, homely, friendly and a brilliant musician; the type of girl I’d like to be friends with. Madison is a spoilt, bratty, nasty bitch and is everything I dislike in another girl. Even though Simonetta is beautiful, haughty and arrogant, I started to like her a smidge once her weaknesses were revealed. I bet that says a lot about me!

Fortune is a novel that I found difficult to read . The mixing of the three girls caused some serious bitchiness that was completely undeserved and it made me rather uncomfortable. I even got to the point where I couldn’t wait to get it over with. Only the happy ending rescued it for me.

Megan Cole has written a guilty pleasure of a novel to be read while lounging by the pool or sunbathing on the beach.

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  1. i have had an eye on this one and think i may pick up a copy, great review

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  2. I like the summary...the first "snogbuster!" I think it's more like the 100th snogbuster. :-)

  3. LOL, Alison!
    Thanks for this, Sophie - it's great to read such a balanced and interesting review.

  4. Definitely not for me. It isn't my usual read and when you put that with a weird shifting perspective, well, it is actually a complete turn off. Thanks for a very honest review.

  5. I've just finished writing my review for this one and I was really dissapointed with it. I thought Fortune would be better than it was. Great review though :)

  6. Nice review! I just bought this one. :)

  7. I really enjoyed this one, in that pure summer escapism kind of way. I actually picked it up expecting not to like it, but then was pleasantly surprised. I agree about the shifting perspective though - I guess it's strange how it starts from Madison's perspective when we mainly get Sapphire's point of view. I warmed to Simonetta in the end too, although I wonder if she'd turn bitchier again in a sequel.

  8. Wow, this book is probably not for me, too much bitchiness kills it...
    But I would be interested to take a look just for the weird narration, I wonder if it's deliberate to unsettle the reader or just a lack of storytelling skills...
    Thanks for this cool and honest review Sophie!

  9. iv read this book and im a typical 13 year old girl and i absolute loved it .. I couldn't keep my head out of it i just had to read on :D . if your thinking of buying this book then let me tell you it is the best book i have read out of many xx hope this helps

  10. im 13 and my mum bought me this book ,i completley loved it. It is the best book ive ever red i would love if the author rote another book.
    Love Eve Elizabeth Bewick
    can be found on facebook - Eve Bewick

  11. hey agreein wiv last 2 comments just finished it. woz well excited wen i got it 4 my bday. couldnt put it down. totally recommend it. cant wait for riches to come out, 'riches' is her new book comes out 7th july 2011. cant wait lol

  12. I read the book and i LOVED it!!1 great writing Megan Cole!


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