Thursday, 17 March 2016

Chunky Books: A Story of Intimidation

Ever since I was a kid up until I started blogging I went straight for this biggest books I could find. There was no such thing as a book too long, but now I avoid them.

I get tonnes of review books that need reading as a priority and those reviews need to go up in a timely manner. A book over 450 pages now makes me cringe: do I have time? I won’t have a review for Monday! If I read two short books and get the week scheduled up then maybe I can read that chunker after…

But what about the chunky non-review books I want to read? I recently posted about my Adult TBR – Part One, Part Two and Part Three – and lots of books on there are big ones and none of them are review copies. They’re ones I’ve fancied and bought, fully knowing that it’s unlikely I’ll let myself get to them anytime soon.

I'm really going to try and change that in 2016. The ones I'm planning to start with are:

Wish me luck!


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