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Hello! Welcome to So Many Books, So Little Time!

My name is Sophie, I live in England and I own, run and obsess over this little corner of the internet. I started this blog in January 2009 to get my thoughts about all the books I read out into the open and hopefully meet some people who loved reading as much as me.

In between running this blog I managed to convince Bath Spa University to give me a BA (Hons) in English Literature and Creative Writing and I have to be honest, I would very much like to go back. But sadly, I have to be an adult now, and my heart lies in publishing and I'm hoping I'll get there one day. Cross your fingers for me! 

I'm also a writer for the Maximum Pop! Books channel where I write articles, reviews and commercial pieces all about YA for the site. 

Here’s a few other things about me:

- I’m one of eight. Yes, eight. I’m number five – squidged nicely in the middle.

- I have a naughty tabby cat called Lily. She’s my baby.

- My Converse habit is a little excessive. Right now, I have 6 pairs...

- I love swimming.

- Sarah Dessen is my very most favourite author in the world. Ever.

- I’m a huge music fan and I go to gigs whenever I can.

- I’ve met JK Rowling.

If you have anything blog-related you want to ask about or if you just want to say hello, here are my contact details:


Sophie x

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