Friday 19 May 2017

Books I Couldn't Finish (12): Sorceror to the Crown, Castle Dor & The Driver’s Seat

I used to finish every book I started, whether I was enjoying it or not. But life is short. I’ve realised that I don’t have time for books I’m not full involved in any longer so if I don’t like something or don’t connect with it as much as I want to, I’ll put it aside. It still makes me feel guilty though, especially if I received them for review so I still want to talk about them, explain why I didn’t like them. Here are the most recent books I DNF-ed.

Sorceror to the Crown, Zen Cho
I’d heard countless wonderful things about this Regency-set fantasy novel that I went in with what I think were far too high expectations. I really liked the setting, the idea behind the story, the magic and the writing, but I just didn’t click with it. I think this is one to go back to in the future.

Castle Dor, Daphne Du Maurier
Oh, Daphne du Maurier, how I love thee. And yet, Castle Dor I just couldn’t get on with. I think my issue with this lay in the fact that it wasn’t really du Maurier’s novel. It was begun by Arthur-Quiller Couch and carried on by du Maurier and I could feel that it wasn’t her. Add that to my strange relationship with historical fiction and Castle Dor just didn’t work for me.
The Driver’s Seat, Muriel Spark
You know how you read a few books by an author and you just can’t like any of them? And then you have to admit that author may not be for you? That’s what’s happening with Muriel Spark and I. I thought The Prime of Miss Jean Brodie was pretty boring and I didn’t even get half an hour into this audiobook (of a novella which is under 200 pages long…). I can’t remember a single thing about it. Sorry Muriel Spark, I’m letting you go.


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  1. I couldn't finish 1984 or A Discovery of Witches.


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