Thursday 2 April 2015

Favourites: (Pre-NYC) March 2015

M&S Fudge and Chocolate Hot Cross Buns

Someone I follow on Twitter mentioned these and I had to try them. Turns out they’re just as good as they sound. Luckily, being from M&S I have to walk all the way into town to get them otherwise I’d eat them for all three meals…
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#ukyaba Day

What a day! Early in the afternoon I met Gayle Forman with Jim, Stacey, Daphne and AJ Grainger (Captive), we had some food in Wahaca and then headed over to Kensington. It was so lovely to see all of my friends, make new ones and watch them win awards for their brilliant blogs. Such a wonderful bookish day in London!

Holiday planning

The late night Googling, me and my sister shouting places we want to go and things we want to do from our room – such fun! We’ve decided to do day trips to Coney Island, DC and Boston while we’re in NYC :D


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