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The Puzzle Ring - Kate Forsyth

The Puzzle Ring - Kate Forsyth

Pages: 438
Publisher: Scholastic
Release Date: 1st June 2009

Other Titles by this Author: Witches of Eileanan series, Rhiannon’s Ride series, Chain of Charms series, The Star-Thorn Tree and Sea Magic

Hannah is almost thirteen when she discovers her family is cursed…

Desperate to break the dark spell and find her missing father, Hannah starts a treacherous journey back in time. If she can find all four pieces of a magical puzzle ring, her family will be reunited. But her quest takes her back to the days of Mary, Queen of Scots - a time when witches are burned at the stake and danger lurks everywhere.

Can Hannah put the puzzle ring together fast enough to save her family?

The Puzzle Ring is an exciting and engaging fantasy adventure that captures your imagination and takes you to places you’ll never believe you could go.

Hannah is a girl who dreams of magic and adventure. And, boy, does she get it! Her love of all things fairies, secrets and mysteries is infectious and Hannah’s brightness, loyalty and determination make her my kind of girl. I’d like to swap her for my younger sister, actually! One of my favourite things about Hannah is her cleverness and ability to solve all of the riddles and make up the rhyming spells. I was stunned by Kate Forsyth’s skill in turning then out in such a way that they flowed effortlessly. They must have taken her ages!

The atmosphere of The Puzzle Ring was electric. It was action-packed, fuelled with adrenalin and you never knew what was around the next corner. There was a flurry of history, magic, mystery and secrets and the plethora of mythical creatures only enhanced this. There were witches, fairies, kelpies, dwarves, giants, gargoyles and so many more. I was in my element!

But my favourite thing about The Puzzle Ring was Hannah, Donovan, Max and Scarlett’s journey back to the reign of Mary, Queen of Scots. The historical detail! You could tell that Kate Forsyth really did her research on medieval Scotland: the smells, the clothes, the food, the beliefs and the superstitions were so precise. I briefly thought that I’d like to go with Hannah to the Queen’s court, but then three very important things came to mind: there was no hot running water, no flushing toilets and I can’t sing or play a musical instrument so I wouldn’t actually be allowed in anyway. I think I’ll be better off firmly in the 21st Century and leaving the time-travelling to Hannah!

I loved The Puzzle Ring much more than I expected to and I’ll definitely be checking out more of Kate Forsyth’s books. Check back on Friday for a guest post with Kate for her fantastic blog tour.



  1. Thanks for the review! Oh, I really enjoyed this one too (my review here) and I'll be looking forward to the guest post!

  2. Great review! I've read so many wonderful things about this book recently! Looking forward to your guest post.

  3. The part of the novel when they go back in time is my favourite too. Max made me laugh out loud. Great review.

  4. I'm reading this in a couple of days, and am really looking forward to it. Great review, and I shall be back for your guest post :)

  5. Lovely enthusiastic review, and I totally agree. This book is awesome, and deserves way more attention.

    I loved the historical detail too. Although since I'm left-handed there'd be no way I'd want to go back there either!

  6. This sounds terrific! After seeing how you described the historical detail recreating the time of Mary Queen of Scots, I am really interested in reading it.

  7. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book, Sophie! It was so much fun to write it, I must admit. And I love writing spells and songs and charms and cryptic clues - sometimes I walk around the house muttering mouse, louse, douse ... or sit in the park, muttering ark, stark, hark ... people must think I'm mad!


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