Monday 15 February 2010

My Worst Best Friend - Dyan Sheldon

My Worst Best Friend - Dyan Sheldon

Pages: 304
Publisher: Walker Books
Release Date: 1st February 2010

Other Titles by this Author: Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen, Planet Janet, Confessions of a Hollywood Star and many more

“Promise me you’ll always be my best friend, Gracie,” said Savanna.“No matter what happens. Promise. Promise. Promise.” I laughed. “Of course I will,” I promised.
It was a no-brainer. There was nothing that could ever end our friendship. We were soul sisters. We were cosmic twins and would be forever.
As least that’s what I thought then.

My Worst Best Friend is a funny, sparky and heart-warming tale of the ups and downs of friendship.

Dyan Sheldon has written a cast of unforgettable and lovable characters. Gracie is a character that I immediately identified with: plain, quiet and a bit of a soft-touch. I really enjoyed reading about her preoccupation with protecting the environment and her love for lizards. I found it very hard to make my mind up about Savanna, though. Her word confusions were hilarious but her manipulation of Gracie was horrible and even made me cringe a little at times. But it was Cooper who I especially enjoyed reading about with his love for old movies, quirky dress sense and peculiar turns of phrase.

The way that My Worst Best Friend is written sucks you in and pins you to your seat until the very last page. The simplistic and easy to follow prose and engaging plot draws you into Gracie’s world with both humour and teen trauma. I read it one sitting over a period of only a couple of hours and I wasn’t even aware of the time passing.

The subject of a worst best friend is a situation that I imagine that everybody can relate to. I know I can! This accessibility really enhanced my connection with the characters of My Worst Best Friend as I could not only sympathise, but empathise with Gracie’s situation.

I feel like I’ve been missing out on Dyan Sheldon, My Worst Best Friend being my first book by her, so I’ll definitely be reading more of her work in the future.



  1. Great review, Sophie! I really like the sound of this book! Can't wait to give it a go myself. Alos, it's interesting to seethat Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen was a book first, the movie is a bit of a guilty pleasure of mine :) Thanks, Sophie!

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed this, as I'm planning to read it next. It sounds great, and now both you and Luisa have said it's good. I don't need any more convincing than that!

  3. This sounds really fun & I love the cover. Thanks for the review. I've now added this one to my list. :D

  4. Looks like a funny drama book. I think I will move it to my TBR list.

  5. Very good review! This didn't really seem like my type of read, but maybe now I'll check it out.

  6. This book sounds great and thanks for the review :).x

  7. Superb review! I't must be good since you devoured it in one sitting. I'm adding it to my Goodreads wishlist :)

  8. Jo, the book is better than the film! Though I did enjoy the film, and I do always tend to say that. ;)

    Sophie, I'm really glad you enjoyed it too! Great review - thank you!

  9. Great book review
    I just bought this and it is great already!


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