Wednesday 11 February 2009

My Bookshelves

I saw this on some other blogs (Lauren, Hope, Kelsey, Ashley) and thought I'd share mine, purely because I'm nosey enough to be intrigued about other peoples bookshelves and it seems other people are too!

They're not organised in any particular way; just by author and publication date within that (most of the time!).

It took me three seperate tries to get the camera to work and stay working but I got there eventually! Here they are:

My little white tiger guards my bookshelf.

The Luxe and Rumours by Anna Godbersen usually sit here too but my mum is reading them at the moment and I forgot to put them back before I took the photo.

And now for the stacks that are scattered around my tiny little room.

These are my classics, novels for school and old ones that I don't like as much anymore.
And that's all of my books. I really need some new shelves (and more books!)



  1. Great bookshelves, Sophie! Is the Pretty Little Liars series good? And what did you think of Uninvited? (I didn't like it that much).

    Thanks for the pics!

  2. prophecygirl - Pretty Little Liars are awesome and I was really disapointed with Uninvited.

  3. I plan on reading pretty little liars, they sound like books I'd like :D
    I'll have to post up pictures of my bookshelf sometimes soon hehe

  4. They're so neat and perfect looking!

    Mine is a total mess :(

  5. Beautiful!! I'm so jealous of your shelves. You've got a really nice selection of books there! Can I borrow some? hehe :)


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