Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Slowing Down

I’ve been a bit absent from the blog world really. My reading has slowed right down and the time and energy I used to have to dedicate to writing reviews has all but disappeared - spending all day writing for another website for my job has started to translate into my blog suffering.

But I AM reading, it’s just nowhere near at the same pace as I have since, well, forever actually. So when I have read a few books, I’ll be blogging about them, but I think that from now on I’ll be grouping them together in mini reviews and I'm planning on getting out at least one blog post a week.

Here’s what I’m currently reading:

War and Peace, Leo Tolstoy
This is one that I’ve been working my way through since the beginning of the year. I’m really enjoying it and it's surprisingly easy to read, I’m just struggling to pick it up during the week when I don’t feel like I have the time and level of clear-headedness I think that it deserves.

Dawn Study, Maria V Snyder
I love this series, this world and these characters so I’m taking the final instalment of the Study series nice and slowly. I’m not ready to say goodbye to Valek, Yelena, Ari, Janco and the rest of the gang, but I’m also desperate to find out what happens.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, JK Rowling
Comfort reading at its finest! When I was really struggling to get my reading in, I picked back up with my Potter re-reads on audiobook and I’m loving it. I had forgotten how whiny Harry starts to get in this book and just how quick to anger he is!

The Bees, Laline Paull
This is another audiobook read for me and one I’m only a couple of hours into. I’d been considering it for a few days and then took the plunge on a late train ride home from London after a long work together day when I had too much of a headache to read physically. It’s definitely different!

And next up on my TBR are:

Dramarama, E Lockhart
I love E Lockhart and this is one of her books that’s a little older but wasn’t published in the UK. Hot Key Books’ re-issues of her books make me so happy - I’m super excited to dive into this one while waiting on her upcoming release, Genuine Fraud.

Dead of Night, Michael Grant
We only got two YA World Book Day titles this year: David Almond’s Island and a Soldier Girls novella from Michael Grant. I’m a bit rusty on the details of book one so I’m going to give this a quick read and hope it’ll jog my memory enough to dive into Silver Stars soon.

Tender is the Night, F Scott Fitzgerald
I’m still aiming for a classic a month in 2017 and I think it’s time to read another Fitzgerald - I’ve only read The Great Gatsby and that was back in 2012/2013. As I’ve started collecting the gorgeous Penguin F Scott Fitzgerald Hardbacks I guess I need to start reading them!

I’d love to know what you guys are reading and what’s coming up next!


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