Monday 8 August 2016

Unboxed, Non Pratt

Pages: 140
Publisher: Barrington Stoke
Release Date: 15th August 2016
Edition: UK paperback, purchased

Other Titles by this Author: Trouble, Remix

Alix, Ben, Zara and Dean meet at their old school to keep a longstanding promise to open a memory box they left there when they were thirteen. But there is a gaping hole – their friend Millie has died. When they open the box, secrets tumble out and old feelings rise to the surface.

A new book rom Non Pratt is always something to be celebrated so I was super excited to grab an early copy of Unboxed at YALC this year. And I obviously loved it!

When Alix, Zara, Ben and Dean meet to open an old memory box they hid when they were thirteen, they start to discover a whole lot more about themselves and each other than they had anticipated. I loved the clash of old and new dynamics between them, the secrets that came out and the way they came back together, even after years of silence, to a friendship that they'd never really left behind. Friendship, especially mixed friendship groups, being the focus of a story is one of my very favourite things to read about.

Aside from the story, I love the physical book itself. It’s 100% beautiful and I think the way that Barrington Stoke have tailored Unboxed to make it easier for dyslexic readers to enjoy is brilliant – thick, coloured paper; off-black print in a particular front; and a cover design that’s impossible to walk past. This is a book that could get so many people hooked on reading.

Unboxed is another beautiful book about friendship, identity and growing up from Non. It’s completely gorgeous and totally made me cry.


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