Monday 1 August 2016

All About the Hype, Paige Toon

Pages: 320
Publisher: Simon & Schuster
Release Date: 4th August 2016
Edition: UK paperback, review copy

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A lot can change in a year.

As the daughter of a global superstar and the leader singer in one of the coolest bands in LA, Jessie Jefferson’s life is preeeetty interesting. Especially now she’s seeing her gorgeous, guitar-playing bandmate in secret…

But it’s not all gigs and glamour. Even in a high school full of celebrities, Jessie is finding the rock star lifestyle isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

Is Jessie finally ready to be a Jefferson? Or is the spotlight proving too much for this wild child?

SPOILER WARNING: There may be spoilers for the first two books in the trilogy.

I’ve been a huge fan of Paige Toon’s books since her debut and the Jessie Jefferson series has taken me back to my favourite of her characters. I loved All About the Hype, but I was so sad to see this series end.

We’re back in LA as Jessie moves to the States to live with Johnny, Meg and the boys. It’s a sad time for Jessie and a confusing one. I was a little niggled at first as it seemed that she was once again swerving between sexy, band boy Jack and sweet, ex-boyfriend Tom but I quickly got over it and got sucked back into Jessie’s newly glamourous world.

I loved how the effect of her newly luxurious life, famous dad and friends and newfound personal fame was explored. Her reactions felt authentic and genuine and I was championing her even through her mistakes. Because she made mistakes – she’s only 16 after all! It was so refreshing to see that and to have her acknowledge them herself.

An old face from Johnny Be Good and Baby Be Mine made an appearance in this book and it really stressed me out! Even remembered the goings on from Johnny’s books was enough to make me shout at my book to get Jessie to walk away. The stress! But I kind of loved that connection back to the original stories as no one could have that strong of a reaction if you hadn’t read them. It made me desperate for a re-read! In fact, that pretty much happened every time Johnny popped up…

It was bittersweet saying goodbye to these characters (again) and I’m hoping that there’ll continue to be more from the Jeffersons – I could read about them forever. I got into that lovely emosh tears/warm fuzzies state as I read the epilogue.

Thanks to S&S for the review copy!


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