Sunday, 8 May 2011

In My Mailbox 81

This meme was started by the fabulous Kristi who was inspired by Alea. Check out their blogs for more information. All summaries are from the book jackets.

For review:

Flawless – Lara Chapman

Sarah Burke’s life is about to get complicated. She’s agreed to help her gorgeous best friend, Kirsten, catch the eye of the hot new guy at school, only to discover that he’s actually perfect for her! And to make matters worse, Sarah’s convinced that the guy of her dreams won’t be able to see past her unusually large nose.

Misguided matchmaking, hilarious escapades and genuine romance result in this sensational high school romcom.

Thank you to Bloomsbury for this. I’m really curious to read a modern retelling of Cyrano.

Does your face fit?: Poems about fitting in and standing out – compiled by Roger Stevens

Have you ever been the odd one out?
Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn’t have?
Ever felt alone in a crowd?
Ever wondered why?

Sad, funny, raw and inspirational, this thought-provoking collection for teenagers tells it like it is.

With contributions from many of the best poets writing for young adults today, including Jan Dean, James Carter, Andrew Fusek Peters, Roger Stevens and Rachel Rooney.

Thanks again to Bloomsbury. I’m really looking forward to thumbing through this.

Ballad – Maggie Stiefvater

When his best friend, Dee, fell in love with a faerie, James realized she’d never feel the same way about him.

Trying to escape into music, James finds himself surrounded by more faeries than ever. Before he knows it, James is trapped in a dangerous game. One where the only way to win is to betray the one you love...

Thanks to Scholastic. I really need to read Maggie’s faerie books as I love The Wolves of Mercy Falls series.

Strings Attatched – Judy Blundell

“I only had one place to go. But maybe that made it harder to take the first steps towards it.”

Kit Corrigan arrives in New York City with a dream, no money, and a whole load of baggage. Fresh from her breakup with unpredictable, hot-blooded Billy, who’s now enlisted in the army, she’s looking for a fresh start in the glitz and glamour of Broadway.

Life in the city isn’t quite what Kit expected, however, as she struggles to make her mark in the cut-throat world of showbiz.

With her future looking uncertain, an unexpected helping hand comes in the shape of Nate Benedict , an eminent lawyer with rumoured Mafia connections – and Billy’s father. Suddenly, Kit’s dream of being a star is within her grasp...but at what price?

A novel full of life, deceit, intrigue and murder.

Thanks again to Scholastic. I’ve heard amazing things about her first book so I’m curious about this.

Blood Magic – Tessa Gratton (ARC)

My whole body shivered. I was about to find out if magic was real. The electric thrill of terror was sharp on my tongue. I cut deep.

Silla is damaged amd lost since the death of her parents.

Nick is the new boy in town with a chilling past of his own.

A mysterious sell book steeped in blood magic will bind Silla and Nick together.

But at what cost?

A huge thank you to RHCB for this. It looks so good!



  1. Ballad and Blood Magic sound amazing! I'm excited for those!

  2. Blood Magic and Does Your Face Fit sound really good. I enjoyed Flawless a lot (thought I've never heard of the orinigal story) I hope you enjou all the great books ^-^

  3. Blood Magic sounds great! You've seemed to have had a fabulous weeks haul - I'm jealous! :)

  4. Does Your Face Fit sounds amazing! I'll have to pick up a copy of it soon!

    Enjoy ;)

  5. Great books this week. I really really want Blood Magic and Flawless.
    Happy reading.

  6. l really need to read Lament still, l love Maggie's Shiver series (<3)
    Happy reading

  7. I enjoyed Flawless (didn't realise it was a retelling until after I'd finished it) and Strings Attached looks like it'll be a good read. Enjoy!

  8. What great books you've got this week! Does Your Face Fit? is intriguing me already after seeing it on so many IMMs this week.

    Hope you enjoy them all :)

  9. I'm looking forward to reading Strings Attached. I loved Blundell's What I Saw and How I Lied.

  10. Strings Attached looks really good! I'm adding it to my TBR list now!


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