Thursday, 29 January 2009

Soul Love - Lynda Waterhouse

Soul Love - Lynda Waterhouse

Pages: 160
Publisher: Piccadilly Press Ltd
Release Date: 26th November 2004

Other Titles By This Author: Cut Off, Fall Out, Bonnie Fitch, The Sand Dancers: Let the Dance Begin

Living with the past can be difficult, even at fifteen...

Jenna doesn't want to betray her friends and won't reveal the truth behind her exclusion from school. So she is sent away to live with her aunt in a sleepy countryside village.

It's here that she meets Gabriel, who seems so genuine and different from other people she knows. But she is wary of him at first - lately boys have been nothing but trouble for Jenna, and Gabe can be moody and withdrawn.

Despite her caution, Jenna can't help falling in love with Gabriel, and the longer she spends with him, the more deeply in love she falls. Could he be her soul mate? He seems to be the only one who understands Jenna and doesn't leap to coclusions. But then she discovers that Gabriel is living with a deep secret of his own...

I got this out of the libray at school it was amazing i got it out yesterday and finished it. It was the first book to make me cry. I thought Gabe was realy sweet.

Amy x


  1. This book seems good :}

  2. this book is soo good i read it a ye ago jst went 2day to borrow it again lol


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