Monday 13 May 2013

The Extincts - Veronica Cossanteli

Pages: 221
Publisher: Chicken House
Release Date: 6th May 2013
Edition: UK proof, review copy

George loves to help out at Wormestall Farm, even though it’s full of extinctly scary creatures, like the dinosaurs in the duck pond. When Mortifer the giant basilisk goes missing, it’s up to George to find him before evil animal-stuffer Diamond Pye can add him to her collection...

Veronica Cossanteli’s debut is some of the most fun I’ve had reading a books so far this year. Genius!

The Extincts has such an original and intriguing premise that the second I heard about it at the Chicken House Little Breakfast I knew I had to read it, cue lots of excitement when the proof arrived, complete with a lollipop! It didn’t disappoint. Chamring characters, mad-cap antics and a really farm full of delightful and dangerous creatures and you’ve got a winner.

I would love to work at Wormestall Farm and spend my days keeping out of Dido to dodo’s way, avoiding a baby kraken who lives in the bath, avoiding Grissel the dragon and making sure that pesky basilisk doesn’t escape again. This book is going to enrapture kids and their parents alike, though don’t be surprised when you want an Ichthyosaur as a pet.

With a farm full of valuable extinct creatures, there’s bound to be someone after them and Diamond Pye is horrible. Mean and creepy with her hair changing colour every day and a lollipop to match, I’d steer clear. She had an aura of Cruella de Vil about her that sent chills down my spine and I was so glad when she got her sticky end. She’s a fantastically imagined villain.

The Extincts is unique, fun and charming and I sincerely hope there’s more adventure to be had at Wormestall Farm!

Thank you to Chicken House for providing me with a review copy.


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  1. Sounds a little young for me, but still cute! And a basilisk :D


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