Saturday 18 May 2013

Author Interview: Emma Pass

I've been talking to the lovely Emma Pass on Twitter for what feels like ages and I finally got to read her stunning debut, ACID, when it was released in April, but I couldn’t let it pass without asking her a few questions.

1. Jenna is such a vibrant, self-sufficient and empowering heroine. Was this something you purposefully set out to create in her?
Yes. She needed to be strong in order to cope with what happens to her – both in the prison and afterwards. Also, I find passive female MCs SO annoying! I wanted to create a female MC who could more than hold her own, and didn’t need anyone to save her, thank you very much.

2. Have you ever read a dystopian novel and thought ‘Wait, that could definitely happen, and pretty soon...’? If yes, which one?
I know it’s not a recent dystopian novel, but 1984 always gives me chills...!

3. If you, like Jenna, had to choose between living as someone else or dying as yourself, do you know which you’d choose?
I think I would choose to live as someone else, but try to find a way to fight the system while I did it. You can’t change things if you’re dead!

4. What are you working on at the moment? Can you tell me anything about it?
I'm currently working on my second book, THE FEARLESS, which will be published by Random House next year. It's a post-apocalyptic YA thriller about monsters, courage, love and loyalty. This is the mini-blurb from the back pages of ACID:

The Fearless. An army, powered by an incredible new serum that makes each soldier stronger, sharper, faster than their enemies. Intended as a force for good, the serum has a terrible side-effect – anyone who takes it is stripped of all humanity, empathy, love. And as the Fearless sweep through the country, forcing the serum on anyone in their path, society becomes a living nightmare.

Cass remembers the night they passed through her village. Her father was Altered. Her mother died soon after. All Cass has left is her little brother – and when Jori is snatched by the Fearless, Cass must risk everything to get him back.

5. Do you think we’ll ever revisit Jenna and ACID?
I would love to revisit Jenna and ACID – the book was so much fun to write! So we’ll see...

And a few fun ones, just because!

6. Sweet or savoury?
Sweet! Or to be more specific, chocolate... ;)

7. Coke or Pepsi?

8. Favourite TV show?
Game of Thrones. I LOVE it!

9. Favourite place in the world?
I have lots of favourite places! If I had to pick one, though, it would be the Swiss Alps. I visited them when I was twelve, and although I’ve not been back yet, I still remember every detail. It is a stunning place.

10.  What are you reading at the moment?

THE OATHBREAKER’S SHADOW by Amy McCulloch. Amy is a publishing sibling at RHCP; her editor sent me a proof and I’ve been dying to get to it! It’s the story of Raim, a boy who lives in a world where people tie knots to make promises, and if those promises are broken, they are exiled into the desert. When Raim breaks an oath he has unknowingly carried since birth, he is outcast, and begins a struggle to survive – and find out the truth behind the promise he has no knowledge of making. It’s a beautifully written book with a richly imagined world, and I’m sure it’s going to be a huge success!

A huge thank you to Emma for agreeing to answer some questions and I hope that everyone continues to fall in love with ACID!



  1. Great interview! I love the question about living as someone else or dying -- can't wait to read ACID when it gets to us in the US!

  2. Awesome interview, I still need to read ACID - just one of many books I will treat myself to when I'm finished uni!

  3. Fab interview and hurrah for Jenna living up to her name :D


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