Thursday 3 September 2015

Favourites: August 2015

#NewDayNewNormal Tour
David Levithan, Louise O’Neill and Lisa Williamson teamed together to tour the UK and take on the subjects of diversity, inclusion and breaking down barriers in YA just as they have in their books. It was a fascinating, funny and really interesting talk, particularly as, at first glance, the authors don’t seem to have much in common. I also got to get my books signed which is always exciting/scary/nerve-wracking. One day I’ll not babble incoherently when I meet one of my favourite authors… My apologies to David Levithan.

Michael Grant and Andrew Smith at Waterstones Piccadilly
A week after I journeyed to London for the #NewDayNewNormal event I was back for two more wonderful authors! I love Michael Grant and Andrew Smith’s books so I was really excited to hear them speak and get to meet them. The two are old friends and their easy banter was engaging, intelligent and really funny! They gave readings and talked about the sex and violence in their novels and I got a new phone so I could actually take pictures! Then we got books signed! And as I knew the two lovely publicists looking after the authors, I got a personal introduction to Michael which was awesome J

Feminist t-shirt
I went to Summer in the City this year and though I was largely underwhelmed I found a wonderful stall selling feminist t-shirts, totes, posters and bookmarks made by a small, ethically-sourced UK not-for-profit called Empowered Apparel. I couldn’t walk away without something so I grabbed the purple ‘Feminist’ t-shirt and I love it. I’ll definitely be getting more from them.

What were the best bits about your August? What are you excited about in September?


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