Monday 31 December 2012

My Top Reads of 2012

I was going to do a cheesy favourite twelve books of 2012, but there were so many books I loved this year that I didn’t want to cut them down! So, I have my favourite 2012 releases and the best books I read that weren’t published this year.

2012 Releases:

Technically, I read this at the very end of 2011, but as I didn’t review it until January, I decided it counts! Cinder takes the tale of Cinderella to amazing new heights. It’s imaginative, involving and I’m still thinking about it a year later.

There’s not much left to say about this that hasn’t already been said fifty times. Heartbreakingly sad, witty, thoughtful and brilliantly funny; The Fault in Our Stars has everything. No wonder it’s graced nearly every big ‘Best of 2012’ list this year.

This book crept up on me. I read it in two quick gulps of emotion, cheesy grins, tears and everything in between. I didn't expect Skin Deep to be the kind of book that I couldn’t forget, but it is.

I actually read all three books in this trilogy this year, but this one I had to wait for. A surprise review copy landed on my doormat during a day in the Easter holidays that I’d planned to do work and I lost my afternoon to it. Beautiful, bittersweet and utterly perfect.

This is a book I’d been waiting on for a while so when I got a surprise signed copy from S&S I nearly died of happiness. Although neither Rules of Attraction or Chain Reaction have quite lived up to Perfect Chemistry, I still devoured each page and was rather upset when I turned the last page and realise there were no Fuentes boys left.

Oh, Cassandra Clare, why must you hurt my heart so? The agony and panic that this book caused me was intense. My love and dedication to Jace was tested and I’m both terrified and excited to read the conclusion to the series in 2014.

This book blew me away. It’s one of the best UKYA I’ve ever read; compulsive, moving and deeply affecting. Tanya is a serious new talent and I can’t wait to see what she brings us next.

Epic fantasy is a bit of a hit and miss with me, but I fell in love with Throne of Glass. Mystery, intrigue, danger and romance, what more could a girl want? But what I loved most was that I couldn’t work out who Calaena would end up with (or who I want her to end up with) – I can usually figure out the endgame within a few chapters.

This romantic, emotional debut reminds me of one of my favourite trilogies, Perfect Chemistry series, and I devoured it. I was commuting to London while reading this and I wanted to stay on the ridiculously busy commuter trains to read more; that’s how much I loved it.

Why We Broke Up is one of the books that stand out for me, even from this list. It’s just something so different. It’s written in an unusual style, has gorgeous full colour illustrations and you know the couple are going to break up from the very beginning. It was refreshing.

Sarah Rees Brennan really knows how to write strong female characters, a twisty plot and heartbreaking cliff-hangers! I was utterly taken in by this and I really didn’t expect to be. brilliant!

Rachel Caine has sustained my interest, love and involvement in this world and its characters for so long that Morganville almost feels like home, but everything changed in this one. Bitter Blood made me growl in shock and anger and cry at the end. Perfect.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post - Emily M Danforth

My love for this book crept up on me. It was shocking, emotional and made me think and consider things that never would have crossed my mind otherwise. It still crosses my mind now, five months after reading it, and I really wish it had received more coverage than it did. 

I had a bit of an issue when compiling this list; some of the top of the top of my list weren’t even published this year so I decided to split it up. So here are my favourites reads not published this year that I read and loved in 2012:

*happy sigh* Even thinking about this book gives me the warm fuzzies. Stephanie Perkins is quickly becoming one of my heroes of contemporary YA with her incredible characters, butterfly-inducing romance and effortless writing.

If there was ever a perfect contemp YA trilogy, this is it. It’s a sultry summer series that could rival Sarah Dessen with Conrad, Jeremiah and Belly and the intense love and character difficulties. I want to erase them from my mind and read them again afresh.

Firstly, Libba Bray is absolutely hilarious, but that’s not all this book is. There is such an important message about the restrictive ideas about female beauty, sexuality and the essential rights of girls and women put in a way that only Libba Bray could. Every girl should read this.

Hunting Lila was one of my biggest surprises of this year. I read it as I knew Sarah would be at the S&S Blogger Presentation and I became completely obsessed with it; I nearly missed my stop on the train ride home!

This book was so much more than I expected it to be. Three-dimensional characters, a realistic portrayal of life for some teens and authentic dialogue and voice for each of the characters. Fans of contemp YA: you may have a new favourite on your hands.

Well, that’s my rather long list of awesome books I read this year with links to my reviews so you can see what I thought more thoroughly. I hope this prompts you to pick up any of these if they’re still languishing on your TBR pile!

Are any of these among your 2012 favourites? Where any of these among your least favourites? Could you pick just one book of 2012?



  1. Everywhere I go, I see praise for Anna and the French Kiss... It kind of makes me curious despite that I really feel like it's not my type of thing. As ridiculous as it sounds, I haven't read any of these titles even though I hear of them frequently.

    Is it ever really possible to pick just one book? ;) Here's my list:

    Have a happy New Year! :)

  2. Anna and the French kiss. Cannot wait for Isla! I loved skin deep too!

  3. Wow, that is quite a list! Yay for Morganville :)

  4. Hehe, in the commments below your list I said I hadn't read any of them; it seems I completely skipped over The Fault in Our Stars XD It was quite late at night when I read your list, so I was probably a bit zoned out lol! And thanks for checking out my list and leaving a comment :)

  5. I definitely need to read Heart-Shaped Bruise, I keep hearing such good things about it. And I have to confess that I haven't read any Simone Elkeles yet, but I have some of her books.
    Loved Pushing the Limits, Cinder and Beauty Queens though.

  6. Jenny Han, Stephanie Perkins and Simone Elkeles are awesome! I loved Skin Deep, Hunting Lila and From What I Remember too! The others I seriously need to read...

  7. Cinder is amazing! I still love the series and re-read it to this day!


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