Wednesday 13 June 2012

Guest Post: Hannah Harrington

I’m lucky enough to have Hannah Harrington, author of Saving June, stop by again for a guest post on her dream road trip. Over to Hannah!

My dream road trip by Hannah Harrington

I’ve been lucky enough to be on some really great road trips in my life! But I definitely would like to go on more, since there are a lot of places I haven’t travelled yet.

The most important part of a road trip to me is the company you have with you, so for my dream road trip, I would want to take three of my best friends—people I know I can stand to be around for long periods of time and who I would have plenty to talk about with!

I have gone on a road trip partway up the California coast, but I haven’t been all the way to San Francisco the way the characters go in Saving June. So I’d love to start there, see all the sights, and drive down the California coast all the way to Mexico, since I’ve never been there either. Along the way I’d want to stop at local type eateries—one great thing about travelling is experiencing new places and foods, so I would want to avoid the national chains you can eat at anywhere.

Everyone else can do the driving; I prefer being a passenger! It’s much easier to sneak in convenient car naps that way. As far as the music, I would have everyone bring their iPods and alternative listening to everyone’s favourite playlists. I love discovering new music through my friends, and I’m sure there would be some overlap in our tastes, and we’d all be singing along to our favourites.

Thank you, Hannah! Gah, I’d love to go to California!



  1. Great post! Makes me want to go on a road trip. (And I loved the book, too.) Thanks for this!

  2. Woo, I love roadtrips too. But I'm with Hannah, passenger is best :)


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