Sunday 1 April 2012

In My Mailbox 110

This meme was started by the fabulous Kristi who was inspired by Alea. Check out their blogs for more information. All summaries are from the book jackets unless otherwise stated.
As well as a few books I got throughout the week, I came home on Friday to find a pile of packages. I’ve written up the ones I’m most excited for and just listed the rest.

For Review:

172 Hours on the Moon – Johan Harsted

There’s a reason we never went back to the moon.

It was supposed to be the adventure of a lifetime. Mia, Antione and Midori had different reasons to enter NASA’s competition for a seat on the first shuttle to go to the moon in over forty years.

But while they all wanted to escape earth, they never realised there might not be a chance to come home...

I’ve read the prologue and I know I’m going to love this. Thanks, Atom!

Dead Rules – RS Russel

Heathers meets Romeo and Juliet in this wickedly funny read that will keep you guessing to the end.

Sometimes falling in love means you have to kill somebody

Jana Webster and Michael Haynes are in love: The school’s perfect couple, they’re destined to be together forever.

But Jana’s destiny is fatally flawed. And now she’s in Dead School, where Mars dreamcote lurks in the back of the classroom with his beguiling blue eyes, mysterious smile and irrestistibly warm touch.

Jana is sure Michael wll rush to her side soon. And she is willing to do anything, anything, to make sure he does...

Never heard of it before, but it looks awesome. Thanks, Quercus!

All Fall Down – Sally Nicholls

A deadly contagion races throught England...

Isabel and her family have nowhere to run from a disease that has killed half of Europe. When the world she knows and loves ends forever, her only weapon is courage.

The Black Death of 1349 was the deadliest plague in human history. All Fall Down is a powerful and inspiring story about survival in the face of real-life horror.

I loved Sally’s first two novels and I've had my eye on this for a while – so pleased to find it waiting for me at home! Thanks, Scholastic!

The Last Echo – Kimberly Derting

In the beginning
Violet’s morbid ability to sense choes from the dead led her to uncover dark murders and long-buried secrets. The only people she told were her supportive parents and boyfriend Jay.

Now she can finally be honest
Violet hopes that working with a special investigative team will give her the chance to save lives – or at least catch more killers. But the instant connection she feels with mysterious partner, Rafe, is both confusing and unsettling, and their unique bond creates tension with Jay.

In the end, all thats left is an echo
When she discovers the body of a student murdered by ‘the collector’, Violet is determined to solve the case. With her own relationship on the line, Violet doesn’t realise that the serial killer is looking to add to his collection, and that she may have caught his eye.

Will the next life Vio;et has to save be her own?

I really need to catch up with this series! Thanks, Headline.

Ghost Flower – Michele Jaffe

I am an imposter. A fake. A fraud. But everything that follows is the truth and nothing but the truth. I have no reason to lie anymore.’

Eve has been living hand-to-mouth, trying to forget old scars from her foster homes and to avoid getting any new ones from her sleazy boss. So when she’s offered a way out – ahuge sum of money to pretend to be somebody she’s not – she knows she’d be a fool not to take it.

But it soon becomes clear that her lfie will be at riskunless she can work out exactly what happened to the girl she’s been asked to impersonate. Trapped in a web of lies and deceit, Eve is desperate to learn the truth. Even if it means facing up to a past filled with murderous secrets.

I’d never heard of this before I opened the package, but what a beautiful cover! Thanks, Atom.

I also received:
A finished copy of Bsrk by Michael Grant
Paperback copy of Silence by Becca Fitzpatrick
Serafina, Rachel Hartman
Torn, Amanda Hocking
Silver, Andrew Motion
Poison Heart, SB Hayes
The Joshua Files: Apocalyse Moon, MG Harris
The Calling, Kelley Armstrong
The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind, Meg Medina


Goddess, Interrupted – Aimee Carter

Fate brought them together
The underworld wants to tear them apart

After surrendering her mortal life, Kate’s about to be crowned queen of the mythical Underworld, home to the Gods.

Her king – dangerous, mesmerising Henry – the boy she sacrificed everything for, is becoming ever more distant and secretive.

Then he is abducted in the midst of her coronation.

Forced to take up jer role in a bitter war between the Gods, Kate battles to save Henry’s life. Worse, her only hope of victory measns turning to Persephone, henry’s first true love...and the greatest threat to Kate’s future.

Kate now knows that rescuing the one she believed to be her destined soulmate could mean losing him forever.

I sent this home by mistake so I’ve only just got my hands on it! Can’t wait!



  1. I can't wait to read Last Echo---okay, so i haven't read book 2 yet, but still, so excited to read them back to back! Wow, the final cover for Goddess Interrupted is really gorgeous with the purple font! Great mailbox!

  2. Yes! You do have Dead Rules! Totally stealing it! xXx

  3. I like the Look of All Fall Down and 172 Hours. Little M's reading the second book in the Joshua Files although she's cooling down about it.

  4. Wow- you got some great books this week! I reviewed Goddess Interrupted this week and loved it, and I can't wait to read The Last Echo (I love Violet and Jay!).
    172 Hours On The Moon looks cool, I'd never heard of it before, but I'm off to look it up now!
    Enjoy all your books!

  5. 172 looks really fascinating, I've seen it on quite a few IMMS today! And yaaaaaaaaaay for The Last Echo! Happy reading :)

  6. Great books this week! Have I mentioned how much I love that you include the synopsis for each book you get? This saves me a trip to Amazon or google!

    Here's my IMM

    Happy Reading!
    Melanie @ Reviews of YA Lit

  7. I need to look up All Fall Down, sounds fantastic. I really enjoyed Goddess Interrupted, hope you do too.

  8. I liked the look of that moon book, it's a bit different. The cover of Dead Rules gives me the creeps, especially when turned sideways and looking at the girl straight on. Argh!

  9. I hear fabulous things about the Goddess books! Enjoy :)

  10. What a nice haul! I may have to add some of these to my TBR pile.

    Thanks for sharing your goodies!
    Dani C

  11. awesome books, I really cant wait to read Dead rules! Hope you enjoy all these!

  12. I'm so excited to start reading The Last Echo, I love Kimberly Derting, I love her books, and she's hilarious!

    Goddess Interrupted was an amazing book, I can't wait to see how the series continues(:



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