Thursday 2 June 2011

Blog Tour: Devon vs. Chase (Raised by Wolves/Trial by Fire)

I'd like to welcome the lovely Jennifer Lynn Barnes to So Many Books, So Little Time to debate which of her boys is the one for you.

"I never imagined when I was writing the first Raised By Wolves book that there would be a Devon vs. Chase debate, at least as far as Bryn’s relationship with the boys was concerned—mainly because while the books do include romance, they’ve never been about the romantic relationships to me. The question in my mind has always been less about who Bryn will end up with and more about the person she’ll end up being, and I think my favorite things about both Devon and Chase are tied to the qualities they bring out in Bryn. In Trial By Fire, she’s in a very unique position. It’s basically a book about a girl trying to figure out what it means to be a leader in a very dangerous world, and I think Chase and Devon have very different understandings of what it means to be a leader—and very different views of who and what Bryn will become.

I think there’s a lot of questions to be asked here—and Bryn is certainly asking herself a lot of them by the end of the book—but at the same time, the Raised By Wolves series is very much so about family. The boys are both a part of Bryn's family, and neither one of them is asking her to choose. Of course, that doesn’t me that we can’t debate their merits…"
Who's your favourite? Let me know in the comments.


  1. Have to say, I'm a Chase girl all the way-he's maybe not as much fun as Devon, but he seems to understand Bryn like no-one else. Also, in my head, he's much hotter!

  2. Why, CHASE of course!! Devon is like a girl's best friend and I have to admit that at one point, I did think he was gay and you know what? There would be nothing wrong with that although I love the idea of two guys fighting over the same girl. Chase is badass and he has a telepathic connection with Brynn which is all sorts of cool! I'm afraid that Devon doesn't stand a chance and I'm not sure if that's what he wants but if so, he should forget it now.

  3. Thanks for hosting, Sophie! I'm excited to see you weigh in. Are you a Devon girl or a Chase girl?

    As for me (since my intro was fairly neutral), if I were choosing for myself (and NOT for Bryn), I would probably go with the write-in option (CALLUM), but if I were still a teenager, I might go for Devon. He's loyal and funny and like Bryn, he redefines what it means to be the alpha-type. He knows exactly who he is, and he doesn't have to appear strong to be strong. Plus, I'm the kind of girl who loves the idea of a guy who's my best friend, too.

    That said, Bryn's connection with Chase has always been based on a fundamental similarity, and I've always loved the idea of meeting someone who understands things you can't even talk about with normal people. Their meeting was a major catalyst in her life, and by Trial By Fire, when she's the alpha of her own pack, there are times when he's the only person she feels like she can just *be* around. It can be quiet and she can be angry or weak or cry, because she doesn't *have* to be alpha around him, and I think there's something special about that, especially for Bryn, who's default is to be running on all cylinders at all times.

    But as I said in the intro, Bryn has a very intense relationship with both of them (by Trial By Fire, an intense romantic one with Chase and an intense friendship with Devon), and neither one of them would ever press her to choose between those two things. And being part of the same pack gives Chase and Devon a relationship with each other, too.

  4. Chase might have the hot thing going on but I'm Team Devon all the way. He's the comic heart of the book but also always seems to know what Bryn is thinking. Plus you've gotta love a werewolf who loves showtunes!

  5. Personally I love the series so much because it doesn't get into all of that. I like that it's more about family and pack relations.
    I think I would like to see Devon with Lake. (I haven't read Trial by Fire yet so maybe I'll change my mind) So I guess that makes me a Chase girl but really, I like all the characters.
    But the one who really floats my boat is Callum. I wish there was an adult series just about him! His a Bryn's relationship is fascinating - maybe because there isn't a romantic aspect to it.
    Awesome series.

  6. I am Team Devon all the way! He Funny and different from all the other wolves. He is specials nd has always been with Bryn. They need to be together. I feel that with Chase is more instincts than love. No matter what I really don't want the author- like so many others- to out of nowhere make Lake and Devon fall in love. I can't wait, hopefully this book will have a twist in the love department and leave the obvious choice of Chase behind.


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