Monday 24 January 2011


Hi Guys,

Two of my fabulous housemates, Fliss and Anna, have just started up a new blog called Introduction where they'll be covering songs and, very soon, writing their own music. And as I love them to bits, I'm metioning it here in hopes that some of you will go and take a look and follow them if you like their site.

I know they'll be extremely grateful for any comments and followers and I hope that the blogosphere will live up to my expectations and support some new bloggers even though their blog doesn't focus on books.

They're awesome ladies and I know you'll grow to love them as much as I do.



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  2. You are such a darling! Thank you for the lovely little post, and we look forward to potentially meeting your friends! :)

    A&F X

  3. Your blog keeps telling me I have to log on when I come to your website. :(


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