Friday 8 October 2010

New Recruits!

During the two weeks I've been at university I've been trying to convert my housemates to the world of YA. And after going book shopping with one of them (Fliss) I suceeded. I made her buy Perfect Chemistry, The Luxe and The Sky is Everywhere and she's already finished Perfect Chemistry and loved it. And now she's begun a blog and I think you should all check it out.

Gold in the Air of Summer

And then another of my housemates (Abbey) decided that she was going to do the same. But a book and film blog that you should also check out and follow.

Dreams are made of this...

They are both extremely awesome ladies and hopefully you'll all do me proud and welcome them to the blogosphere with open arms.

Oh, and I will be back to blogging properly soon.



  1. oh i love this. i love you. x

  2. Fantastic! Will check them out right now. Thanks, Sophie!

  3. And where's my mention??!! lol

  4. Looked at Fliss' blog and she sounds lovely! Checking out the other one now :)

  5. Mines not just a film blog :) its for books too, mainly books atm lol

  6. guys i'm so sorry but i have a brand new blogging page - the other one wasn't working out for me! if you have time, please check it out!
    Fliss xx


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