Wednesday 9 June 2010

Signing Report: Rachel Caine, Take 2

I met Rachel Caine for the second time last Friday when I took my sister and her friend to the theatre in my home town to see her. She introduced herself and her background, read an extract from the fabulous Kiss of Death, allowed us to fire questions at her in a Q&A session and then signed all of our books.

As ever, I forgot my camera, so these are just pictures of my signed books. I might remember one day, but my hopes aren’t high! So, in between in the pictures I’m going to try and tell you everything she said that I remember.

- Rachel was a professional clarinet player for five years before she was published.
- She has been writing since she was fourteen and has the evidence locked up in a trunk.
- Her first novel was commissioned by an editor she met at a writing conference her friend made her go to.

 - There are going to be 12 Morganville Vampires, 9 Weather Warden’s and 4 Outcast Season’s.
- Rachel listens to music while writing and can’t write without it.
- For around three days before Rachel begins a new book she compiles a 10-track play list to listen to while writing.

- Shane and Myrnin are her favourite characters to write (and mine to read about), with Eve coming a close second.
- Claire is a more extreme version of Rachel at that age. In fact, the stolen laundry incident at the beginning of Glass Houses actually happened to her.

 - Rachel’s favourite YA authors are: Richelle Mead, Heather Brewer, Scott Westerfeld, Suzanne Collins, Charlaine Harris and Melissa de la Cruz (she’s reading Blue Bloods at the moment).
- Her favourite genre is historical mysteries but also loves action, adventure and explosions.
- Rachel chose her pseudonym ‘Caine’ because her publishers wanted a ‘C’ name to go on the same shelf with two best-selling ‘B’ authors.

Rachel gave my sister’s friend an Amelie bracelet as she was the first person to bring the entire Morganville series to be signed. I didn’t get a chance to snag a pic so this is from Rachel’s website.

I had a brilliant time and I hope I’ll get to meet her again next year!


  1. An Amelie bracelet????I didn't know these things existed outside of books!You're so lucky!

  2. Great report Sophie. It sounds like you had a blast. How cool that she loves Shane! I've only read the first five of these but now I've tried Vampire Academy I think there is no going back for me.

  3. Wow, awesome event report! I love this series! I am so jealous! I'm hoping to go to the Foyles event in a few weeks. Can get my books signed then! :D So glad you had a great time!

  4. Great report! I haven't read any of the MV series and am wondering if they're worth it x

  5. Ahh Soph, this is brilliant! Rachel didn't come anywhere near Manchester this time, but I'm so glad you got to see here again. Love her!

  6. Cool! It sounds like you had a great time!!


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