Thursday 11 October 2012

Shadows - Ilsa J Bick

Shadows – Ilsa J Bick

Pages: 518
Publisher: Quercus
Release Date: 27th September 2012
Edition: UK proof, for review

Other Titles by this Author: Ashes

From Quercus: Alex has escaped from Rule – but what horrors face her in the ravaged outside world?

Tom is safe – but what will he risk to save Alex?

Chris – how much does he really know about the terrible darkness of Rule? And what are his true feelings for Alex?

Ellie – where is she?

The terrifying follow-up to the hugely popular Ashes.

Ashes was one of my favourite books from last year so I was beyond excited when I got hold of a copy of Shadows. And although Shadows was a little different to its predecessor, it was still brilliant.

Before I began reading this I was lucky enough to stumble upon a link to recap of Ashes that Isla J Bick had written and posted on her website. I have to admit, that was invaluable. Without that I would have been totally lost – it’s been over a year since I read Bick’s debut and it was a full-on story. if you don't have time for a re-read, which I didn’t, I’d highly recommend this recap as you’ll likely be lost in Shadows, I know I would have been. Isla J Bick doesn’t play around with summaries, she just dives straight back in, virtually where we left Ashes.

The stakes for everyone were raised in Shadows, especially Alex. There wasn’t a moment in the entire novel where she was safe, she was always in mortal peril, and Tom was in danger most of the time too. On the back of this, there was a sense of terror, foreboding and a constant tension running through the story that kept me furiously turning the pages, the short, punchy chapters only amping up the pressure.

Some horrible and terrifying truths were revealed about Rule and the people with the most power. There were also strange and deeply worrying developments surrounding the Changed that brings about some fascainting new characters and some interesting developments that mess things around and plant some foundations for the final book.

I’m sorry for such a vague review, but I really don't want to spoil a single aspect of Shadows; it’s brilliant! I can’t wait for the final instalment of this trilogy which I just discovered is called Monsters.

Thank you to Quercus for providing me with a review copy.



  1. Can't wait to read this series!

  2. Thank you for the link! I just started reading Shadows and I was completely lost on the character names!! So helpful and I'm excited to finish!


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