Review Policy

I will be happy to consider books for review by established publishing houses and their authors. I do not accept self-published novels or novels from vanity or indie presses as I do not have the time on top of the hard copies that I receive. I am more than happy to consider books featured on a blog tour and to include extra content if I have the available time and scheduling space. Please also bear in mind that I live in the UK so I am not willing to host US/Canada-only giveaways, but UK-only/international giveaways I would be more than happy to host.

The main focus of So Many Books, So Little Time is YA and the occasional middle-grade novel. I am open to requests for YA and pop culture-related non-fiction and YA of all genres except from religious or politically-orientated novels. Although I try my best, it would be impossible for me to read every book that I receive for review, but all books that I receive will be featured in my weekly Letterbox Love post. I will prioritise solicited review copies over the others that I receive in my reading and reviewing and those that I review will be as close to the release date as I can manage.

Please do not email me with if your novel does not fit my reviewing criteria, I will not be responding to your email. The same goes for emails requesting reviews, interviews and guest posts for topics and things not related to books, though book-related merchandise is always welcome. 

All of the reviews that I write are my honest opinion. While I will not lie about my feelings for a book for any reason, I do always try to focus on the more positive aspects of each book that I read and review. The reviews that I post on my blog are then cross-posted to Goodreads and I will tweet the links.

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